Shortly after receiving that sweet email from a student, I messaged him saying thanks. After a short conversation, he asked for the email of another foreign teacher, and I gladly obliged. The next day, she posted the email on Facebook and it was the exact. same. message… -_______- GG students.

教师节快乐! (Teacher’s Day in China!)

Today is Teacher’s Day! This has resulted in various greetings and messages from ex-students.

The following was a message written in an e-card from one of the best students I’ve ever had:

I still remember that your smile was as warm as the sunshine. Thanks for your hard working. You are one of the best teachers I have ever met Sincerely wish you a happy Teacher’s Day! 

I cry everytime.

What does it mean to be unfortunate looking?

You’ve reached the point of no return…

Farewell My Concubine (霸王别姬)

I’ve finally watched one of the highest rated Chinese movies ever - or at least according to the Internet - and I LOVED it. My boyfriend, who is a Chinese national and knows I have a lot of criticisms of China, will probably make fun of me for writing this. I’ve read some criticisms of the film. For example, some felt there was more emotional depth in the beginning of the film when they were children, and it all went downhill from there. In my opinion, the beginning just has more tragedy on a micro-scale because it looks at individual problems. The film gets more and more political as it goes on. 

The film has left me with a lot of questions… So if anyone out there has seen it, I’d love to discuss with you. :) It’s now one of my favorite movies, as sad as it is.


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

A couple months back, I got a comment when I was applying to a nonprofit that I was too privileged to understand other people’s sufferings. Meaning that my privilege would make me unqualified to help others. If we have similar goals, why don’t we just work together?


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I look terrible with Peter Pan collars because they make me look 5, but I love this dress.



I look terrible with Peter Pan collars because they make me look 5, but I love this dress.

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Today is a happy day!

I guess purple will be my new color. :)

If I could go back and have one more conversation with him before he did it, this is what I would say… I’m not a miracle worker and I can’t promise you much. I can’t make the words go away, I can’t make you love yourself, I can’t give you an appetite to eat, I can’t magically make you sleep, I can’t turn back time and explain what happened between now and then. I know there’s a lot of light outside and I can’t dim the lights, but I got a room we could hide in. Anything you need outside, I could bring it to you. I can’t turn down the volume, but I know the outside world gets really loud, but we can close the windows. What I can do is I can wait right here with you until you’re ready. We can talk all day or I can just sit here and be silent. I could be across the room or I could be right next to you. We could play Mario Party or listen to music. You can use my face to practice your make-up or if you wanna hit something, just not my face because you just did my make-up. We could do whatever you want, just as long as you know that when we leave this room to reenter the world, we’re going to do it together, and I’m not going anywhere.
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